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Three business units One passion

Fronius displays its expertise in three business units - Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging. However, each one must strive to be distinct. Take any Fronius product. Many have already been dismantled, analysed and rebuilt, but when all’s said and done, the end result is not always the same. Because performance cannot be replicated. Performance remains distinctive.

If you are interested in Fronius products, in need of support or any other kind of help, please contact us:

Perfect Welding

Spetselektroodi AS

Perfect Welding

Türi 1a
EE-11313 Tallinn

Phone: 00372/6140 866
Fax: 00372/655 80 97

Solar Energy

Fronius International GmbH

Solar Energy

Froniusplatz 1
4600 Wels

Phone: +43 (7242) 241 3000
Fax: +43 (7242) 241 3013
Safety Charging Station

Perfect Charging

Willenbrock Baltic OÜ

Perfect Charging

Uus-Ringi tee 11
Jüri, Rae vald
75301 Harjumaa

Phone: 00372/6228954

Business units

Perfect Welding

Fronius International GmbH is recognized as a technology leader in welding technology and has the perfect solution for every application area – from compact MMA welding machines, MIG/MAG and TIG applications to complex automated welding systems. To provide a perfect support for Estonia customers working in the field of welding, Spetselektroodi AS was announced to represent Fronius in Estonia.

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What's your welding challenge?

Consistent quality despite changing parameters when welding a pipeline? A car that weighs ten percent less and therefore produces less CO₂? Steel plates measuring 20 centimetres thick and 500 kilometres of weld seam on a ship’s hull? There are virtually unlimited challenges encountered while welding – and you must surely have a difficult task or two. Check out the Fronius solutions to solve your challenge.



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Solar Energy

We believe in a future in which we cover 100% of our global energy requirements from renewable sources: the world of 24 hours of sun. As one of the leading suppliers in the photovoltaics sector, we at Fronius are shaping this future with our innovative solar technology and energy solutions. More information on Solar Energy

Products & Solutions

At Fronius, we don’t just consider the individual product; we focus on the solution as a whole. This is why we strive to offer holistic products and solutions for a wide range of customer requirements. Our products & solutions


Stay up to date with the latest news about Fronius Solar Energy and all things photovoltaic. Latest news

Perfect Charging

Fronius Perfect Charging is your process expert and cost-optimisation partner for the charging of traction batteries in the intralogistics sector. Together with our customers, we develop custom solutions and systems that are guaranteed to cut costs for users of electrically-powered forklift trucks.

As the specialist in battery charging installations, our impressive range of services includes analysis, consultation and planning, implementation and operator training of battery charging rooms and stations. With our Ri charging process, we even offer the finest technology available anywhere in the world for the charging of lead batteries. Fronius can also be found driving forward innovation in the development of alternative drive technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries.

Our extensive product and service portfolio combined with our skill and experience - not forgetting our individual and flexible technical support - make us a partner in demand for the cost optimisation of intralogistics operations in practically every sector.

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We optimise your total costs. Guaranteed.

Energy consumption, battery life, process efficiency: the operating costs associated with charging traction batteries have many facets. Here at Fronius, we help you take the holistic approach to optimising all these factors, based on an ingenious strategy and the responsible use of all resources. Find out here how you too can lastingly reduce your total costs with Fronius.

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Unique Ri charging process

With the Ri charging process, Fronius is offering the best technology for charging lead-acid traction batteries available on the global market. Unlike other processes, this process does not follow a fixed characteristic, but adapts to the requirements of each individual battery. This ensures maximum energy efficiency and a long battery life.

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The universal charging systems from the Selectiva product group offer flexible charging of batteries with different voltages and capacities, and are particularly energy efficient and gentle thanks to the Richarging process. Among the benefits for you are the simple and standardised operation, low weight, a small footprint and low operating costs.

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